Sports and Play Surfaces

Sports and Play Surfaces

Interclass Surfacing Ltd construct an era of sport surfaces to meet our client’s requirements.

We can offer a robust and economical choice of synthetic products which can be used for almost every recreational sport.

Additionally, over 90% of this workload is within live environments, enabling Interclass to understand the needs of end-users during the construction process and adapting our delivery processes to suit, including segregation of work areas, enabling staff and patients to continue using elements of patient and staff parking through a phased programme, out-of-hours working, noise and dust control methods and ongoing end-user liaison.

• Basket Ball Court
• Tennis Courts

• Park Arenas
• Netball Courts

For enhanced performance, the tarmac course can also be sprayed with an acrylic coating to provide a non-slip surface with extended lifespan.

A tarmac sports surface is a two-layered construction featuring a graded macadam base and wearing course providing a porous, frost-resistant surface. Water percolates quickly through the wearing course allowing play to resume soon after rainfall.