Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Project Description: The occupied theatre was a particularly challenging project, the works had to be planned and phased to suit the requirements of the client. Phasing of the 26 week programme required detailed up-front planning and careful co-ordination with end users to maintain the operation of the Theatre.

The proposed Works comprised of the refurbishment of an existing leisure hospitality space located at The Rep Theatre and Birmingham’s iconic library, the scheme had to be undertaken in a sequenced manner by our team over a 26 week period, however we have since been back to The Rep over the past two years for additional works of the ongoing scheme within different areas of the building, this is all additional repeat business to what was programmed originally.

  • New mezzanine
  • New floor, wall and ceiling finishes
  • New internal doors and internal partitions
  • Removal of existing high level glazing and construction of brickwork infill
  • Demolitions and alterations to existing walls to form openings
  • New glazed partitions and doors to form new main entrance
  • Construction of new stand-alone, meeting rooms.
  • Refurbishment and alteration of M&E works throughout with new HVAC plant
  • Refurbishment of restaurant

This programme of refurbishment, alterations set within and adjacent to live areas within the main building, with restrictions on access, noisy works and working hours.

Key Facts: As part of the New Birmingham Library Project, Interclass working in conjunction with Carillion, refurbished the existing Repertory Theatre including significant improvements to the theatre’s bars and restaurants.

Clients View: “Interclass worked well with Carillion, with good engagement over The Rep Theatre Project, of which I would work with the interclass team in the future” Daniel Evans, Carillion Building

Project Description

Client: Carillion Building
Location: Cambridge Street, Birmingham B1 2NR
Value: £1,200,000
Architect: Carillion Building Services