The Interclass Quality Management system, addresses all aspects of delivery, giving our clients confidence with a clear, consistent and audited approach, so all members of the project team are focused on delivering a quality product, on time, to cost and with maximum client satisfaction.

As an auditable system, we are happy to work in an “open book” environment, to eliminate duplication of effort, by sharing information and data, ideally in an electronic format.

Our detailed project planning and site set-up procedures give assurance that all legislative requirements have been fulfilled and local needs addressed, through consultation with the Client and his representatives.

We welcome Client representative input to our onsite Supply Chain Collaborative Planning meetings, to establish the most efficient and safe methods of delivery.

Quality planning, inspection and defects buy phentermine turkey rectification processes are clearly displayed on site. Combined with shared inspection with the Client’s representatives, the aim is zero defects at completion.

Our contract reporting procedures provide clear information on programme and progress, health, safety and environmental performance, resources employed and procurement.

Change management procedures enable swift response to variations, facilitating decision making to maintain site progress.

Our cost reporting and valuation process includes anticipated final account position and cash flow information to ensure all parties are aware of budget expenditure.

Handover and aftercare procedures seek a collaborative approach from the Client team, to ensure the building is fully commissioned, systems certified and end users trained, with a complete Health and Safety Plan at completion.

Interclass carry out a post contract “lessons learnt” review and we welcome Client input to take this forward to the next successful project.